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Welcome to Garden Centre Plants!

We are an independent, family owned wholesale nursery, part of the Barton Grange Group of companies and since being established in 1974 have become one of the leading suppliers to garden centres in the UK.

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About Us...

Based on a single 35-acre site in Barton, Preston, we offer extensive varieties of climbers, shrubs, herbaceous and semi-specimen plants of a consistently superior quality and choice to meet the full range of customer specifications.

We've been able to retain and increase business relations with the majority of our customers by focusing on new, exciting varieties that will always bring a fresh range of inspirational plants to help drive sales forward in your garden centre. 


Our sales team don’t just sell, they are an integral part of your success. Simon, Mike & Mark have years of experience, knowledge and passion for the products they introduce to you. Don’t let their skills pass you by. They will be in regular contact as the season unfolds guiding you through the perfect stock to offer your customers, bringing you that ideal impulse line to boost sales and you're always assured of friendly, helpful support from the GCP office team.

It’s in the last few years that GCP has also realised the importance of galvanising biotechnological advancements to increase efficiency in both plant management and husbandry practices, resulting in maximum productivity in supplying our A-Z product lines throughout all seasons to garden centres and nurseries in the UK. We will always strive to supply our products promptly and efficiently, and ensure all of our hardy nursery plants both meet and exceed quality, service and pricing demands as expected and appreciated by UK retail.

About Us...
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