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Growing for a GREENER future

We all know another way has to be found to replace the peat content in container grown plants.  Over many years GCP has carried out trials with a wide variety of peat-free material with varying results.  Recently a new blend has produced exceptionally good results and consequently we are now aiming to be 100% peat-free in the shortest amount of time possible
Peat free compost.jpg
Taupe Pots.jpg
All our 1, 2 and 3 litre plants are now produced in taupe polypropylene pots which are made from recycled material and due to their lighter colour they are 100% roadside recyclable
All our used plastics and wood is sent to local recyclers to avoid landfill
Loading for Recycling.jpg
Water run-off is collected from the nursery, treated and re-used on our plants
Pond Sunshine.jpg
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