July 2017

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from down Barton Lane...

The Curtain's up

July 07, 2020

The curtain's up!  The tunnel side curtains just fitted on new tunnels T20/T21


July 05, 2020

Gutters fitted on new tunnels T20/T21

Hoops a daisy

May 03, 2020

The hoops are up for 2 more new double span Tunnels on the south side of the nursery

Bravo for Javo Easytopper!

December 02, 2019

Latest additions to our potting department....

GWP on tour at GCP!

July 14, 2019

Open Day success on group`s first visit to the nursery...

Tunnel Vision

Latest enhancements to the nursery are taking shape in the form of a brand new single span polytunnel to further aid our stock production...

Battling the Weather

Precautions against the 'Beast from the East'...

Covered Improvements

A picture gallery showing improvements to the covered beds from throughout the year

Watering Goal!

Installation of new ground pipes with rotor frames to replace the existing  Rain bird overhead system is continuing across GCP.

Work on the covered beds has already been completed and is now progressing onto the outside beds.

Work in Progress

Progress has continued in the last few weeks to the various developments going on around GCP further increasing the enhancements to the nursery as the season begins in earnest.

Spaced out on Production!

A new spacing frame has been introduced to help the lining out of newly potted plants at GCP.

Wrap Happy!

Since the dim and distant past when Despatch first evolved, we have attempted all ways of placing plants onto trolleys safely, securely in transport and in a plant friendly environment.

Plant Fest Success at Gordale

As one of the four leading suppliers to Gordale Garden Centre in Cheshire,  GCP participated in the first ever Plant Fest show,

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