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News from down the lane...

All the latest updates from down Barton Lane...

Work In Progress

Progress has continued in the last few weeks to the various developments going on around GCP further increasing the enhancements to the nursery as the season begins in earnest.

These vary from those ground work repairs that require refilling to others that need a complete excavation before renewal.

Old wooden climbing structures no longer required for non-climbing plant beds have been removed, along with the disposal of disused metal work and concrete blocks.

And Barton Grange Landscapes have been busy pruning hedges, neatening undergrowth and wall plants, as well as felling trees at the back of Despatch.

The glasshouses have also undergone improvements with new panes installed after the recent bad weather.

Further work is set to continue with the dismantling of 3 small redundant tunnels to free-up room and the stripping and levelling of some of the outside beds.

April 2017

Extensive nursery

improvements continue 

Cutting down to size.....


GLASS ACT - Steve & Mark making improvements to the Glasshouses

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