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Clematis 'Guernsey Flute' (EviGsy153 PBR)

Large, star-shaped, white flowers with red anthers cover this compact Clematis in early summer and again in September. On blooming, this unusual Clematis holds its petals close giving the appearance of a champagne flute, before opening out to reveal the impressive size of the flowers. Perfect for patio containers.

Plant Care

Any average garden soil, avoiding wet areas. Feed in spring with a good general fertiliser. Prune all stems to 15cm in late winter.

Planting Instructions

Water thoroughly or stand pot in a container of water for half and hour before planting. Dig a hole twice the size of the root ball. Remove the pot, place the plant in hole so that it is level with the surrounding ground, and re fill firming as necessary. Keep well watered in dry weather. Feed in spring with a general fertiliser

Full Sun Part Shade

May - July




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