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Fruit Range

RHS Plants for Pollinators

Vitis vinifera 'Flame'

This is a highly rated, classic, seedless variety, producing generous bunches of red grapes, which are juicy with a sweet flavour and crunchy texture. Reliable if grown outdoors in a warm, sheltered site or under protection. An ideal plant for training against walls, fences or other structures. The leaves give a colourful display in autumn before falling for the winter.

Plant Care

Best planted in any good garden soil, avoiding wet areas. Needs full sun for good periods to ripen the fruit.

Planting Instructions

Water thoroughly, or stand pot in a container of water for half an hour before planting. Dig a hole twice the size of the root ball. Remove the pot, place the plant in the hole so that the root ball is level with the surrounding ground and refill, firming if necessary. Keep well watered in dry weather. Feed in spring with a good, general fertiliser.

Full Sun Part Shade

April - May




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