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Fruit Range

RHS Plants for Pollinators

Vaccinium corymbosum 'Legacy'

High yielding variety, with masses of lightly scented white flowers produced in spring. These are then replaced with grey-blue, medium-large fruits from August to September, of a robust flavour. The foliage turns a fiery, crimson colour before falling in autumn. Partially self-fertile, but planting more than one variety improves yield.

Plant Care

Plant in moist, ericaceous soil, don't allow the soil to dry out. Perfect for patio containers if acidic soil is not available. Feed in spring with an ericaceous fertiliser.

Planting Instructions

Water thoroughly, or stand pot in a container of water for half an hour before planting. Dig a hole twice the size of the root ball. Remove the pot, place the plant in the hole so that the root ball is level with the surrounding ground and refill, firming if necessary. Keep well watered in dry weather. Feed in spring with a good, general fertiliser.

Full Sun Part Shade

April - May




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