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June 2017

Watering Goal!

New irrigation continues across the nursery

Installation of new ground pipes with rotor frames to replace the existing  Rain bird overhead system is continuing across GCP.

Work on the covered beds has already been completed and is now progressing onto the outside beds.


“It’s important we do this to improve the consistency and accuracy of distributing water to the plants” explains Production & Potting Manager Chris Connah.


The project has already been underway for the last 12 months and is set to continue for at least another 12 months.


“It’s a gradual process and one that is budgeted as a medium-term spend. We’re looking at each bed averaging between 25 and 30 rotor frames with a 6 meter spacing between each frame.


"This is an ongoing project which will benefit the Acid dosing system which we have, which has greatly improved plant nutrition and vigour leading to much improved quality on the nursery,” Chris continued.


Isolator nozzles are also being fitted to each rotor frame in order to improve water efficiencies even further, this will be rolled out in the next 18 months.

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