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February 2018

Stormy Weather

'Beast from the East' precautions

WITH BRITAIN braced for chilling temperatures and up to 20cm of snow this week, preparations have been made on the nursery to battle the so-called Beast from the East.

Some parts of the UK are set to feel colder than places in the Arctic Circle this week as the freezing temperatures are swept in by the so-called beast from the East.

Widespread snow is forecast and the Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

By the end of Wednesday, more than 20cm of snow may have accumulated in some parts of eastern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Met Office meteorologist Charlie Powell said: "The UK is on track for some really cold weather this week. It's not going to be record-breaking, but it'll be pretty exceptional - winds are going to make it feel minus 10C (14F) to minus 15C (5F) during the day."

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