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Plants of the Month

Sedum Sunsparkler 'Cosmic Comet'

This is a ground cover type of 'stonecrop', forming a compact, dense carpet of steel blue foliage that becomes covered with clusters of crimson flowers. Excellent plant for patio containers, or plant into any average garden soil, avoiding wet areas. Enjoys sunny positions for good parts of the day, but will also tolerate light shade. Trim to size and shape in spring, removing all spent flowers.

Plant Care

Keep well watered until firmly established, feed with a good liquid fertiliser every two weeks in the flowering season.

Planting Instructions

Soak plant thoroughly in its pot before planting, dig hole large enough to comfortably accommodate the root ball. Ensure the surrounding soil and the top of the root ball are at the same level. Fill around the root ball with soil mixed with good planting compost and a suitable fertiliser. Firm well and water generously.

Full Sun

Jun - Oct




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