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Fruit Range

RHS Plants for Pollinators

Rubus Tayberry

The popular Tayberry, a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry, is very vigorous, producing high yields of sweet, aromatic berries from July onwards. Train it up a wall or trellis and you can expect to see a good crop of delicious fruit from the second season. Try the fruits as a desert or for excellent jam. The fruit freezes well.

Plant Care

Keep well watered until firmly established. Prune once annually to promote next year's growth. Plant into any average garden soil, avoiding wet areas. Feed in spring with a good general fertiliser.

Planting Instructions

Water thoroughly, or stand pot in a container of water for half an hour before planting. Dig a hole twice the size of the root ball. Remove the pot, place the plant in the hole so that the root ball is level with the surrounding ground and refill, firming if necessary. Keep well watered in dry weather. Feed in spring with a good, general fertiliser.

Full Sun Part Shade

May - June




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