Shrubs in 7.5L pots

From 2021 onwards GCP will be increasing production of 7.5L stock.  The demand for larger plants has significantly increased in recent years and following our exit from the EU it makes sense to grow more here in the UK.  Here are a few examples .  .  .  .
COPROSMA Pacific Dawn 7.5L
ELAEAGNUS Maryline 7.5L
FATSIA Spider's Web 7.5L
LOPHOMYRTUS Magic Dragon 7.5L
FATSIA Japonica 7.5L
CRINODENDRON Hookerianum 7.5L
EUONYMUS Marieke 7.5L
PITTOSPORUM ten. Variegatum 7.5L
PHOTINIA Little Red Robin 7.5L
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